Differences Between Research and Term Paper

Most students face the task of writing term and research papers in school as part of their evaluation process by their instructors. However, most of the students don’t understand the difference between term paper and research paper and so often use the words interchangeably. So are they similar, or are they separate entities? Understanding the difference can assist you in preparing and producing content that will make your instructor proud.

Term Paper

It is important for students for the end of the semester or term evaluation and impacts their grades just as a research paper. The paper includes an introduction section, body section, conclusion, and a section containing the bibliography. You have to give the thesis statement or original idea complete with supporting information and data in the subsequent paragraphs. It might have a word count restriction that you must reach, and it can also allow you to pick a subject of your liking if one has not gotten assigned to you.

A term paper reviews everything you get to learn in the course of the school’s term or semester with a formal presentation of everything backed with detailed research at the end. It always takes time and energy, and this sits very unpopularly with a vast proportion of school-going kids.

Research Papers

It is in-depth research about a specific subject and follows a distinct structure. The research paper consists of an abstract section, introduction, methods section, a section with results, discussion chapter, conclusion, and a list of references. Instructors provide students with particular guidelines on how their findings should get presented.

The length of the research paper can be extensive as that of a term paper or even longer based on the required word count. The nature of this paper stipulates a formatting guideline that you must choose from, and these can be the MLA, APA, or Chicago formatting styles, among others. However, the formatting styles settled upon have to rely on the study area; it lays its focus. The paper is an official presentation that functions as the literature review as it can feature the research of other authors but tailoring it to be unique by adding different things.

Guidelines for Writing both a Term and Research Paper

Learners can enlist the help of expert writers in cases where they require assistance with their writing so that they come up with professional looking term papers or research papers depending on the one they have to submit. In most cases, they can also get sample papers that can provide insights in writing their write-up or buy the research or term papers online.

Online expert writer help can be in the form of formatting, editing, proofreading, and even more besides writing. What you have to do is place a request for help detailing the type you want and receive the support you require discreetly.

Carefully select your research or term paper subject and ensure it genuinely interests you then determine if you are or can be knowledgeable about it. You then need to develop an outline to organize your points of discussion.


The main existing difference between term paper and research paper assignments lies on the assignment issue date. Research papers can get assigned and submitted in the course of the school term, while term papers have to get submitted at the very end of the school term. The critical differences discussed will help you know the difference and effectively write and submit each to your instructor’s satisfaction.