Helpful Tips for Your Paper’s Hook

As a major requirement that is worth a big percentage of your grade, the research paper is something you should give much time and effort to. This means doing a good job analyzing the issue, discussing what you have discovered, and making good recommendations.

One area, however, that some students neglect to improve is their Introduction. Though students think it is alright as the main part is in the middle of the paper, the teacher often thinks otherwise, considering all sections to be of importance.

Need for a hook

In essay writing, a hook is a writing tool used to attract the reader’s attention. If done well, the reader is motivated to continue reading. If done poorly, the reader may skip what you have written or will be bored as they begin the main part of the written work.

So if you want your teacher or future researchers to enjoy reading your lengthy research paper, you should find a way to motivate your audience.

Some techniques to use

  1. Special quote

Many readers’ attention is captured if they read words of wisdom from respected personalities. Thus, some researchers may use an impactful quote that connects to their topic. 

Be careful, however, about what you choose. If there is no connection to your significance or study, the reader will wonder why it is there. Moreover, if the personality is not as well-known as you think he or she is, the quote will not affect the reader at all.

  1. An interesting fact

Readers love learning something new. If there is an interesting or surprising fact about your issue, it can help to grab the readers’ attention if you use it in your introduction. This can be about the magnitude of the problem or strange facts about people, society, or nature that not everybody knows.

However, do avoid anything gory or vulgar as this is a research paper, not a tabloid.

  1. Controversial question

Another common method to entice readers is to use a controversial question at the beginning. When readers encounter questions that make them wonder or tug at their emotions, they will want to keep reading to discover the answer.

  1. Strong statement

Similar to a controversial question is the strong statement. The difference, however, is that instead of making the reader first wonder what the answer could be, you will provide an idea that will make the reader think if what you have just written is true or not.

If the reader disagrees with your idea, they will want to read further to see how you will prove your point. If the reader agrees with you, they will still want to see the supporting facts for their benefit.


The hook is an important literary technique that writers use to excite the reader so that they continue looking at what you have written. If you would like your audience to be interested in your research paper, you should use it too. Happy writing!

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