Writing Research Paper Introduction

Research papers need a perspective that makes the reader comprehend the overall theme. Thus, an exciting introduction is vital. It ensures the subject audience reads the whole essay.

An essay introduction has three major segments. It has a thesis statement that presents your point of view. A general remark that shows the reader the significance of the subject. And a summary of your argument that conveys your concepts to the readers. The introduction establishes the student’s rationale. 

Below is a breakdown of what your introduction should include:

  • Present your theme
  • Formulate a perspective and background
  • State your theory
  • Describe why the study is important
  • Explain to your audience your study plan
  • Give your rationale

Parts of Research Essay Introduction

Introductions are a fundamental portion of any essay. We will discuss some factors students need to consider when crafting their overview.

  1. Announce Your Topic

Experts recommend that a student begins their introduction on a broad scope. Then narrows down the concept to their actual theme. The learners need to give an overview of their topic. If your body contains complex terminologies, show their connection to the topic.

  1. Emphasize on the Rationale

A hypothesis proves the significance of the subject to the audience. It follows your topic statement. The rationale points out the writer’s outlook on the subject matter and the relevance of the topic. The learner needs to make sure it is clear-cut.

  1. Literature Review

The theme of your paper may seem one-sided. It is essential to support it using citations from credible sources. Students may use works from different fields for their literature review. These will assist them in developing their theory in the body section.

  1. Concluding Your Introduction

Teachers require the learner to emphasize some parts of their research. An outline forms a small subsection consisting of 3-4 phrases. It is a representation of the writer’s approach to the topic.

Writing your Research Essay Introduction

An effective introduction needs to match the facts in your essay. It effectively introduces the reader to the paper’s theme. 

Now that we are familiar with the different parts of your introduction, it’s time to write it. Below are three things to bear in mind when writing your overview.

  • Your essay concepts: Students need to take their time to expound on their theory in the best way. Expound on expressions you feel the reader needs to acquaint themselves with beforehand.
  • Open with a quote: The objective of the introduction is to capture the attention of your audience. The student can achieve this by making use of relevant and interesting quotations. A quotation helps paint a picture of the topic for the reader. Many writers use quotes in their study of social subjects.
  • Communicate your approach: The introduction needs to communicate the technique the writer intends to follow in his/her paper. Your audience needs to know why and how you plan to conduct your study. It will allow them to make sense of the whole write-up. Make sure your article is well-organized for the audience to understand your theory.


An introduction is a basic statement of an essay’s literature. It needs to engage the reader and highlight the importance of the subject. It is okay to write a draft of your introduction after writing your essay. Make use of plagiarism checkers that are available online. Online materials are available in the event you need extra help with your essay introduction.

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