How To Understand MLA and APA formats

Someone will ask you which writing format do you prefer. As soon as you are in the university, the level of writing that the lecturers expect from you is too high. In school, they teach you these things. But if they reach you these things, then they give it to you in the basic form. Now some will ask you to write your paper in a unique format. It will make you scratch and think. And you end up asking yourself what the different kinds of writing formats are?

As the writer, when you put down your work in a certain kind of format, you will make the readers get or understand your essay is also a unique way. Now let’s bring to a basic example of a CV and cover letter. One part has information that personal, and the other possesses professional information. Now there is a reason for this kind of arrangement. The reason is that the employer can easily get the information that he is looking for very fast. And he does not have to struggle with looking for important information. Writing in a certain format is kind of hard to grasp because it depends on the information that you are writing.

To get with this article, we need to understand what these writing formats mean.


MLA is an abbreviation for “Modern Language Association.” Most writers use this writing to write history, literature. And subjects about the theater. It is a method that most writers use to cite articles, books, journals. And also where the writer is getting the information from. It is the method that cites specific places where the information is relevant to the research paper.


It is an abbreviation for American Psychological Information. The writers who use this kind of method are mostly the science subjects students. They use this to write about the topics in science, sociology, biological science, and communication. Also, one can use this method in the business sector because one cites a whole document of where he gets the information for his research from. 

All the two methods have the same kind of editing formats. Font times new roman, font size is 12, and spacing is double spacing.

But which one will you select?

There is neither a correct nor an incorrect answer to this question. One’s formatting options can reduce in number depending on what the professor asks you to write about. Make sure you ask your professor which method you will use for your paper because different schools will ask for a unique kind of writing. Also, your instructor will want you to cite your work in a way that he wants using the format he requires. So before you can start writing your work, consult your instructor. But if you are the one making the choices to choose the kind of writing you need, then. Use MLA for Language, literature, theater subjects, and art. And then use APA for the science subjects.

So how can one use this kind of citation?

One will have when using these kinds of citation styles because they look like each other. But one uniquely presents the information where you emphasize different points. 


To have an easy way of writing their essay, one should at least know how to write in these two formats.

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